/Music Hall of Fame Gallery

The World’s Largest Gallery of San Francisco Music

How did West Coast Hip-Hop, Thrash Metal, and the Psychedelic sounds of the Summer of Love all take root and thrive in the Bay Area?

A must see San Francisco tourist attraction for music lovers.

The Gallery honors around 90 of the most iconic Bay Area artists & bands.

Blown up shots from Getty Images, laser printed on aluminum  Original written tributes by prominent national writers such as

Ben Fong-Torres  [Rolling Stone Magazine], Emma Silvers [KQED], Joel Selvin [SF Chronicle], and more.

Photographers such as Robert Altman [Rolling Stone] also honored 

/Brick Walk

Over 300 Bricks Dedicated to Bay Area Music Scene

Marvel at our outdoor ‘Brick Walk’ honoring the top music legends in San Francisco by having them immortalized on our brick entryway by renowned Rock Radio DJ Paul “Lobster” Wells.

Music City Brick Walk is part of our San Francisco Hall of Fame. At the entrance to our building, we have put together over 300 bricks of amazing acts, venues, and people that were associated with the SF music scene over the last 50 years.

/Audio Tour Example

Take an audio tour through time with your host local DJ Mike Watermann.  Follow the numbers on the biographies or pick your own path.

Want to hear the whole audio tour? Purchase your tickets today and come take a tour through SF music history!

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